2016 – 2017 Councils

Council on Annual Session
Continuing Education: Amy Ogles, Whitney Howerton, Bambi Snapp
Awards: Brittney Gibson 
Exhibitor and Marketplace: Amy Taylor, Amy Ogles 
Student Tract: Whitney Howerton 
Table Clinics- Kellye Wilson

Advisor: Amy Ogles, VP

Council on Association Policy and Bylaws
Chair: Cindy Godfrey  
Members: Leslie Britton
                  Catherine Rowell
                  Sarah McKinney
                  Karen Duke

Advisor: Lisa Reeves

Council on Continuing Education
Chair: Amy Ogles, Whitney Howerton, Bambi Snapp
Members: Fall CE 2016 will be hosted by 5th and 8th District
Trustee: Gwen Battiste, 5th District Trustee
         Rita Bills, 8th District President, Trustee is currently vacant

Advisor: Amy Ogles, VP

Council on Finance
Chair: Susan Melton
President Elect: Mike Tullos
Immediate Past Treasurer: Jennifer Byerley 
2014 Reference Committee B Chair: Susan Melton

Advisor: Jennifer Byerley 

Council on Member Services
Chair: Amy Ogles
Members:  BOT Members, we all have a responsibility to inform and educate potential member and current members of the importance of membership. I charge district trustees to create contact lists of RDHs from your district and send out email blasts informing them of CE meetings and other TDHA happenings. Amy Ogles will provide each District Trustee with the list provided by the Tennessee Board of Dentistry so you may begin working on your contact list.

Advisor: Mike Tullos

Council on Public Relations
Chair: Brittney Gibson
Members: Alicia Walker

Advisor: Elaine Elder

Council on Regulations and Practice
Chair: Vacant
Members: All District Trustees

Advisor: Mike Tullos

Council on Access to Care
Chair: Carmen Pinkston
Members:  Frieda Pickett, Liaison to the Board of Dentistry
                   Alicia Azimipour
                   Holly Hill

Advisor: Whitney Howerton

Council on Leadership
Chair: Whitney Howerton
President-Elect: Lynn Russell
ADHA Senior Delegate: Bambi Snapp
ADHA Junior Delegate: Cindy Godfrey

Advisor/President: Mike Tullos

Council on Student Affairs
Chair: Whitney Howerton
Members: Amanda Maggart
                  Kellye Wilson
                  Mike Tullos

Advisor: Lynn Russell