2014 Dental Hygienist Salary Survey Results

Interesting Facts from 2014 Dental Hygienist Salary Survey from Dentistry IQ

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How Difficult is it to find a job as a dental hygienist in Tennessee?


Observation: The percentage of Tennessee hygienists who believe it is “very” difficult to find employment is 13 percentage points over the national average. 48% of the hygienists responding from Tennessee are from the Nashville and Memphis areas.

DifficultyFindingJobsfind a job
Length of time since last pay raise in Tennessee


Observation: Overall, Tennessee matches up well against the national averages regarding the frequency of raises. The percentage of raises awarded three to five years ago is perhaps the greatest differentiation (not for the better).

Most common hourly pay rates in Tennessee
$30, $35

Observation: 71% of the hourly rates reported were in the $30 to $35 an hour range, which trends slightly below the national averages.

Descriptions of pay arrangements based on production or commission

I am paid bi-monthly, if I make more in commission on hygiene codes only, which is 30%. If I make more hourly, then I am only paid hourly.
30 percent after $1,200 production
50% of exams, prophys, and X-rays
Monthly bonus based on total collections.

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